Each Visiting Media member may have multiple TrueTour™ licenses.  For example, Jackson Family Wines is a Visiting Media member and they have 11 TrueTours™ licenses covering 11 different wineries.    

A business location may have more than 1 TrueTour™ license as well.  For example, a resort might have one TrueTour™ for their private event sales team, one for their spa, one for their hotel to use on lead generating websites and one just for guests to use when exploring the property.  Each additional license we call a 'child' license and they are provided at a reduced rate.

If a member has 5 or more licenses (does not include child licenses) they quality for what we call 'enterprise status'.  Enterprise status includes a number of extra bells and whistles, including unlimited child licenses!

And, we can help you with setting this up for you.

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