What do you mean by modern media?

Modern media refers to newer forms of content such as 3D models, 360º photos and virtual reality that provide great benefit to businesses. They go beyond traditional forms of media - text, photos, video - in the unique way. 

A 2D photo can show a space, but a 360º photo viewed through virtual reality can make you feel like you are there. 

A traditional floor plan diagram can show you the layout of event spaces, but a 3D model can let you experience moving through those spaces.

These modern mediums require additional technology to deliver and display, making it expensive and difficult for individual businesses to use. With TrueTour™membership plans, however, we make it easy and affordable for businesses to take advantage of this new modern media. And we continue to look ahead at emerging media, such as augmented reality, and make them available to members at no additional cost.

What is a 360º photo?

This is a photo that lets you view a scene from all angles. You can move the photo looking left, right, up, down. It is an excellent way to show off spaces, letting customers feel as though they are immersed within your space, not just looking at it.

What is a 3D model?

A 3D model is a unique way to view a space and its relationship to space around it. Many event venues have multiple rooms they wish to show off. A 3D model lets you see how they are laid out, then let’s you step inside each room to view it as if you are standing inside. Clients will appreciate seeing how people will move from the ceremony site to reception, or how attendees will move from keynote to cocktail party.


The Hotel Vintage Lobby And Event Spaces

Domaine Serene

What is virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual reality is a computer simulated 3-dimensional environment that can be experienced as if you are really there. We deliver this experience via our 360º photographs and 3D models. It’s an amazing marketing asset for trade shows and site tours - and really any business - where you have mere moments to make a memorable first impression. 

It’s equally mind-blowing for venues to show their space to clients who can’t visit or want to see the space decorated a variety of ways.

Virtual reality, or "VR", can be viewed with high-tech viewers, or with fun cardboard viewers. You can learn more about these viewers here.

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