Follow these steps to add TrueTour™ to your Facebook page:

  1. Install the Static HTML app on your Facebook Page (Click Here)
  2. Choose the page you wish to install Static HTML on.
  3. It will then forward you to the Facebook page you chose to install the Static HTML on. Hit "Set Up Tab".
  4. You should be in the Welcome Landing of the app now
  5. Click Change app
  6. Under Free apps select HTTPS Website.
  7. In the left hand menu access the tab: Use HTTPS Website app
  8. Paste in your TrueTour URL which should look like this:
  9. Be sure it says https and not http and click apply changes
  10.  Uncheck Use compatibility proxy
  11. Drag the Page Zoom and Page Height all the way to the left.
  12. Click Save & Publish, then View on Facebook.

To update the text associated with the new tab:

  1. Go into your Facebook Page Settings (located at the top of your Facebook Page)
  2. Click on Edit Page. Select your new tab that hosts your TrueTour
  3. Now you can change the text, we suggest naming the tab "Virtual Visit Us" or something short and to the point, so it fits in the limited space. Now hit save and you are good to go!

If you have any problems or questions you can start a chat session with us or email If you'd like to send us your login info and a short description of what you'd like help with we can do this for you.

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