Did you receive an email asking you to "Claim Your Unclaimed Profile?"

If you did, that means that a Visiting Media member added you to his or her PartnerList™. You might have been added to more than one PartnerList™!

Many businesses have a network of strategic partners they like to work with. A wedding event planner, for example, will typically have her favorite florist, venue and officiant on speed dial.

The PartnerList™ is one of the features we offer on the TrueTour™ so that our members can promote his or her recommended partners with one click! 

So, if you get an invite to "claim your unclaimed profile," that means that one of our members thinks very highly of you, and wants to promote you.... at no charge to you! This is just a free, awesome, friendly way to get your name out there, using our members' TrueTour™.

What do I do to claim my unclaimed profile?

Good news is, this is very easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Click the link that was in the body of the email invitation you received. 
  2. Locate your business name on a PartnerList™
  3. Click "Claim this profile" under your business name and follow the prompts to complete the sign up steps.

NOTE:  It's 100% free to claim your profile and set up your PartnerList™ membership! As a PartnerList™ member you can control your information on any PartnerList™ that contains your business.  

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