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The Promo Banner feature inside your TrueTour member dashboard is particularly powerful. In this article, we’ll explain how this easy feature may just become your very favorite marketing tool!

The Promo Banner is an overlay which will be visible to every single visitor, no matter which page they land on inside your TrueTour. Any place your TrueTour exists will display the Promo Banner you assign. When you update your Promo Banner inside your member dashboard, it is updated universally to any place your TrueTour exists, including to anyone who you have shared with in the past.

The TrueTour admin can display a static image or a video. You can add a title and description if you wish, and you can add a link url. You can add a title and description, or leave it clean and simple. There are so many configurations to play with, we think any communications and sales team will LOVE having this added engagement tool in their toolbox.

Four Examples

The possibilities are endless. Any time you wish to engage with your entire audience, you can upload a message instantly to communicate a desired item. This includes directory profiles and industry listings where you have your TrueTour embedded! Think of the power of being able to add a compelling message to the page that stands out from all the others, and is….. FREE and EASY to update!

1. Coming soon teaser

2. A coupon for a current special offer or a special event announcement

3. Upload a featured video or post a welcome video

4. Set the mood with a simple welcome message

Easy to Set Up

  1. Log in to your member dashboard

  2. Click on the “Promo Banner” tab

  3. Add an optional title and/or description. You can leave blank, if you prefer.

  4. Select if you want a static image or a video.

  5. For a static image, upload the image. Images will be resized automatically.

  6. For images, you can add an optional url link if you wish to exit the TrueTour and go to an external page. If left blank, the image will not link.

  7. For a video, enter the url for the video. We accept YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia videos.

  8. To save, click “Update This Profile” and view your TrueTour to confirm it appears as you wish it to!

Easy to Use

Bring your TrueTour to life with this easy and convenient marketing tool. Elevate your TrueTour into a promotional virtual brochure. Follow up an inquiry with a new method of engagement which is sure to please. Keep in touch with your audience by prompting them to check in with their TrueTour for your latest news!

We can’t wait to see how you use your promo banner feature!

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