By making simple adjustments to your TrueTour™ URL you can completely change what shows up inside the TrueTour™ vs. what doesnt!

Note on usage:

Most of the url parameters in the TrueTour® are designed to automatically prefix the proper symbol when more than one url parameters are being used. However, if you are manually adding url parameters, ensure that the proper symbols are prefixed. 

After the gallery or file type and any indexes (numbers) that have an existing ‘?’ mark all url parameters should be prefixed with an ‘&’. 


Start:    group=0&tour=0


If the gallery or file type does not have an existing ‘?’ mark the first url parameter added should be prefixed with a ‘?’. Any url parameters added after that should be prefixed with an ‘&’.

Full TrueTour™:

Full TrueTour™ starting at 360 images:

Hide left menu: 

Hide right menu:

Hide both menus:

Individual perimeters
Hide the loading logo:
Remove the lower right icons: &j2ck2=1
Keep the left menu open: &c13rl3=1
Keep the right menu open: &ha17=1

Hides the Action Buttons in the lower right: &j2ck2=1
Hides the 360 Photo Navigation buttons: &k3te3=1
Hide all the buttons BUT the full screen button: l1chn9=1

Commonly used groupings:
Hide left menu, hide right menu, hide action buttons, hide loading logo: &j2ck2=1&b11t0=1&a10ph=1&i2d0a=1

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