Hello! This article is going to cover how to generate specific links for content you want to share with your Audience. Whether it be a personal email, a text message, or a marketing campaign! 

To begin, please open your TrueTour and navigate to the content you would like to share. Below I have the lobby selected. 

Then from here we will need to open up the "Share & Integration" Tool in the bottom right hand corner. This will be present on every part of your tool. Even your own content! 

From here we have the Share Tool open, we can do a number of things here! First and foremost you can send this content as a text message to your Customer, this will be an SMS text message that will welcome them to your Brand and provide the quick link to the content. 

The next row down we have a "Share Link" that you can copy and use. This link can be placed in your emails, as hyperlinks in your PDFs, or even to add a quick peek into a space as a part of your RFP! Remember all of this a web based so are not making any attachments. 

This tool is aimed at saving you time and energy with have a quick and easy way to provide content to your audience, whether at your desk or on the fly via your Smart phone or tablet. 

--Here is an article on how to add your TrueTour to your mobile device

From here we do have some granular control if we want to hide the menus. To send a single piece of content we have a check box at the top to hide these for you. 

This will update the Share fields below with the updated link to hide both menus. Test it out on yourself to explore how you can further customize your links. The "More Options" drop down will allow you to further customize these menus. 

And voila! You have your share link for your content and you are off to the races! 

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