Visiting Media was started by Benjamin Powers, a private event facility and winery owner from Portland, Oregon. In early 2010 he began using traditional 360° media tours to market his properties. He noticed that customers who viewed a 360º tour often booked quicker and sometimes without even touring in person. These customers asked fewer questions and in general were easier to work with.

He teamed up with his favorite tech geeks and designers (not hard to find the best in Portland), and together they developed the world’s first dynamic and portable virtual e-brochure, with the absolute best and COOLEST tools possible to make your life easier and your business better.

Realizing that the main problem was getting the 360º media in front of customers, Benjamin joined forces with a team of media experts in 2013 and set out to invent a new breed of virtual tours... one that a business could update in real time from an online dashboard, live on any website or smartphone and include any form of online media including 360º photos/videos and virtual reality, but also traditional photos, videos, links, banner ads, social media, reviews and more. 

In late 2013, the world's first dynamic and portable virtual e-brochure, the TrueTour™ was born. 

Today TrueTour™ is the most widely used event facility modern media (360º/VR) delivery tool on the planet. Visiting Media exists to solve problems for event facilities, wineries, restaurants and hospitality industry in general. We're dedicated to making your life easier, helping you grow your business and take full advantage of industry referrals.

We've always been driven by the thought, "We can do this better." Event facilities need to show rooms that are not connected and show them set up in different ways. Wineries need to do the same but also show agricultural sites like source vineyards which might be spread all over the world. Because of that, we invented TrueTour™ to display 360º photographs as a 360º photo gallery versus walking tour. 

We began using TrueTour™ version 1 on our website, with our customers and on our paid profiles. The result was instant and overnight… Sales improved, lead strength improved, all of these at investments worked better, my team could sell quicker, my clients had fewer questions and everything was positive. discovered our technology on their website when looking into profile page stats. Our profile pages had unusually high engagement and metrics that improved almost overnight. We caught their attention. We visited them at their Colorado corporate office in 2013 and they signed a deal with us the next year to promote the TrueTour™ to their more than 10,000 event facility customers worldwide. To this day we are the only way modern media/content can be used on and hundreds of other websites. 

In 2014 TrueTour™ went from just 360º photos to include photos, videos and links. In 2016 TrueTour™ with version 8 went to full multimedia, dashboard control and the ability to integrate even websites inside it. 

Today, we see a glimpse of what is possible tomorrow, and we intend to deliver it to our customers first.

The biggest challenge we face today is explaining this new technology to businesses. This is also the most fulfilling part of our jobs, when we see the "light go on." Wineries are now our largest and fastest growing market as they use the TrueTour™ to open a ton of new customer doorways, increase brand engagement and provide a very exciting interactive way to explore the products they sell with customers anywhere in the world.

For companies that depend on "previewing" their business - whether it be by brochure, photograph, physical tour, tasting, website - when they are able to use the TrueTour™ , there is simply no comparison.

On a very personal note, in March 2016, Ben's mother, a well-known watercolor artist, died of a heart attack shortly after meeting my daughter the very first time. She had just returned from teaching watercolor portraiture in New Mexico and came straight to Ben's home to meet Lillian. Later that day she had a completely unexpected massive heart attack, and died instantly. She was 65 years old. Because of her death Ben chose to start a foundation dedicated to helping people utilize our technology to promote artists and public artwork. This foundation now runs the world's first virtual reality art gallery in Ben's hometown of Carlton, Oregon, and is in the process of building significant content networks for six Oregon communities that will dramatically improve the way people find and explore local art and artists.

We welcome you to visit this special project here:

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