If your business includes having a physical space or venue that you want your customers to see and know about, what I am going to share with you right now is going to blow your mind. 

This is incredibly important.

Whether you want your customers to visit your space, reserve your space, use your space, or just see how cool it is, you know how essential it is to accurately describe and show the space before the customer buys what you are selling.

The problem.

The traditional way of doing this includes the shiny 4-color printed brochure: which gets thrown in the trash, is expensive to print and impossible to edit.

Most businesses have websites now, and you can have beautiful photography and videos, but you have to get visitors to actually come to your website.

Photography can feel a bit 2D, and even with the slideshow, you can only show one frame, one angle at a time, so it is really hard to give a continuous sense of your space.

Videos are amazing, but expensive to produce on a regular basis.

Social media is ok if you can keep it up, but it’s hard to grow your own audience and keep them engaged.

Testimonials are great (like Yahoo) but are a bit random and hard to capitalize on in any strategic way.

While you might figure out how to master one of these areas, managing them all can feel like spinning plates, and not one of these existing tools adequately shows off how beautiful your location really is… not as if you were actually there, looking around, fully immersed. It all just falls short, right?

The experts.

We had successful careers in the photography and wedding industries ourselves, so we knew exactly what we wanted and needed. It just didn’t exist yet, so we decided to build it ourselves. The results were shocking. Having the right tool to show off our space skyrocketed our businesses. So much so, that we realized we needed to make our application avialable to other businesses like ours, as well.

So, what is it?

“It” is a 360-degree, fully immersive, interactive & responsive, gorgeous virtual brochure of your space.

It can live on any website, any web page, any social account, anywhere there’s internet, and any place you can add an embed code.

It can even live on your phone and be something you text to someone on the subway.

It’s easy to share and easy to update.

TrueTour™ is the next best thing to BEING THERE.

It can do way more than you probably will ever need to know, but here’s how it works:

  1. Everything starts at VisitingMedia.com. When you create an account with us, every time you make an update to your account, it automatically updates around the globe.

  2. We offer monthly subscriptions to fit every business and we are with you every step of the way to help support your needs.

  3. But, what about photography? Aha! Remember our successful careers in the photography and wedding industries? We’ve got you covered. We will bring our photographers to you to capture the perfection and magic of your space.

  4. Oh, and we have 360 photography and drone videos and Virtual Reality viewers for your customers to use… but, like we said, our products can do way more than you may ever want to know about. For those wanting to know more, please contact us! We’d be more than happy to go over all of our existing features.

What you need to know:

VR is no longer the future. It’s here and now and we have the first tool of its kind to bring your space virtually to your customer - meeting them where they are at the very moment they may be deciding which space, which venue…

This is the elegant solution you’ve been wanting and needing to take your business to the next level.

Contact us for a test drive to experience Visiting Media for yourself. Click the bottom right icon to chat with us right now.

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