TrueTour™ can embed itself onto any web page, just like a YouTube video. If you've ever copied an embed code for a video and placed it into a blog post or web page, then you already know how easy it is to embed your TrueTour™. 

A "widget," when speaking about technology, refers to a dedicated block on a web page that can do unique things. That is a really really layman's definition, but what's important to know is that TrueTour™ can work just like a widget. This means it can be placed anywhere that any other widget can live, on any web page throughout the universe.

Sharing your TrueTour™ with your strategic partners 

This means that other organizations you work with, especially if they already link to you as a partner of some sort, will often happily place your TrueTour™ on their website instead of just a basic link. It's easy to do, and makes their website look really cool!

We recommend that you reach out to any organizations you consider strategic partners and provide them your TrueTour™ embed code

Simply copy your embed code and email it to your strategic partners, along with your request that they embed it on their website in place of - or in addition to- the basic link to your website. If they ask you what it is, you can describe it as a virtual brochure about your business. You can also share this beautiful PDF download with them.  

The other option is to simply provide a direct link to the TrueTour™ which any of your strategic partners can post on their website, if they won't embed your actual TrueTour™. 

You can find the link to our URL by clicking the share icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your TrueTour™, and clicking on the email icon. Copy and paste this URL and send to your strategic partner in place of the embed code. 

Note: if you do this option, recommend that your strategic partner makes it so this link opens in a new tab or window.

In these cases, we suggest you recommend the call to action read, "Virtually explore this business," or "View our TrueTour™," or "Take our virtual tour".

Of course you can contact our support team anytime to chat over best practices when it comes to using TrueTour™ as a way to improve existing and potential strategic partner relationships.

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