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How to add your TrueTour™ to existing and potential directories
How to add your TrueTour™ to existing and potential directories
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If you currently belong to directories or industry resources, or if you pay for group advertising with industry-related websites, we suggest integrating your TrueTour™ into these profiles! Imagine how much your profile will stand out on the page!

Make sure you have access to your accounts 

There are a number of ways to add your TrueTour™ onto existing directories and profile pages. First, you must have control of the profile page via a dashboard or a contact person at the concerned organization who can adjust your profile for you.  

Start by creating a list of any online location/profile that represents your business.

We are here to help you

You can send that list to us at and we will do the work for you, reaching out to each organization and working with them to get your TrueTour™ integrated. 

The other option is to reach out to each organization on your own and provide them with your TrueTour™ embed code asking them to embed your TrueTour™ onto each profile page. You can find your embed code here.

If you control the profile page through a dashboard, more than likely you can login yourself and placed the embed code directly onto your account profile page. Typically the best place to do this is in the description field.

Note: you'll need to confirm that this field accepts HTML code or embed code.  

Again, we can do this for you as part of your TrueTour™ membership. It's a free benefit so please feel free to ask us for help!

Update your TrueTour™ once, and it updates EVERYWHERE 

Once the TrueTour™ is placed on your various profile pages, now anytime you update your TrueTour™ profile on your Visiting Media dashboard, it will be updated anywhere it exists throughout the web!  

By logging into your single TrueTour™ dashboard and saving your content, it will automatically synchronize all of the online locations/profiles where your TrueTour™ exists. 

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