A Text PIN allows customers to text your PIN (unique identifier) to 24587, and a link to your TrueTour™ will be texted back to them.

Create a one word PIN to identify your business. It can be one word of your name, an acronym, abbreviation, etc. 

For example

  • southpark - SouthPark Seafood Restaurant

  • ogc - Oregon Golf Club

  • uclub - University Club Portland

PINs are not case sensitive. Keep your PIN reasonably short, approximately 10 characters at most. Please create two PINs should your first choice be taken.

When your link is returned to the customer it includes a brief message, typically "Welcome to [Business Name]! Virtually explore our business by clicking below." If you would like a different message, feel free to write one, it can be a maximum of 90 characters. 

Send your first and second choice PINs and your greeting (if you wrote one) to support@visitingmedia.com. It typically takes a few days to activate, we will email you once it is live. 

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