All the content contained in TrueTour™ is organized in the tabs across the top of the content dashboard. What follows is a summary of each tab's purpose. 

Profile Information - This as akin to the About Us page on your website. You have the space to tell customers about your business and provide various ways for them to communicate with you. 

Info & Links Tab - Works together with your Profile Information tab to create the Info & Link menu option. This tab is where you place your social media accounts so customers can follow and connect with you. 

360º Photos - Rearrange and rename your 360º photos. 360º photos are organized into one or more groups called scene groups. Inside each scene group are one or more 360º photos.

Photo Gallery - Display and organize your photos in one or more galleries. Upload, add, remove photos from one or more galleries. 

Video Gallery - Display and organize your videos in one or more galleries. Videos in used with TrueTour™ must reside on either Vimeo or YouTube.

PartnerList -  Makes it easy to recommend and be recommended. It can be used as a preferred vendor list, suggested activities. In this tab you can add businesses too or remove them from your PartnerList. 

Map And Directions - This is where we connect to Google Maps. Confirm we have your address correct and that’s about it. Unless you move you won’t be doing much here.

Intro Page/Banner - Allows you to display text, image, or video as the first thing customers see when opening your TrueTour™. Determine what is displayed and enter the link customers are taken too if they click on the banner. 

Menu Control - Manage the left hand menu. Change the order, name, icon and link for each menu option. Add and delete menu options. 

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