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How to use TrueTour™'s PartnerList™ feature to network with existing & potential strategic partners
How to use TrueTour™'s PartnerList™ feature to network with existing & potential strategic partners

What is PartnerList™?

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TrueTour™ has a unique feature called the PartnerList™ built right into the TrueTour™ dashboard. The PartnerList™ is basically a directory of businesses that appears inside your TrueTour™. Many businesses use the PartnerList™ as a way to recommend other businesses to their customers, especially businesses they like working with and with whom they have a crossover of customer base. 

If you are a member and would like to use the PartnerList™ feature, log into your TrueTour™ dashboard and manage your TrueTour™. Once in the dashboard select the tab titled PartnerList™. Complete the steps to key businesses onto your PartnerList™ and add any that you do not find already in our network.

Get 1 Year of TrueTour™ membership for FREE

By the way, it is 100% FREE for any business to be on your PartnerList™. When you add a business to your PartnerList™ they are notified via email, and have the option of claiming their PartnerList™ profile... again free of charge.

And, if 5 of your PartnerList™ colleagues happen to fall in love with TrueTour™ and become members themselves,  you receive a full year of membership for FREE!

View your PartnerList™ on your TrueTour™

Once you have entered all of the partners on to your PartnerList™ save your PartnerList™ profile and be sure the PartnerList™ appears inside your TrueTour™ on the TrueTour™ menu control tab.

Check your TrueTour™ and you should find your PartnerList™ live and a grid/directory of businesses inside it, including those you keyed in.

Any one of your partners can use the PartnerList™ platform to create a stand-alone PartnerList™ of their own (the PartnerList™ is a feature that can live outside of the TrueTour™ for PartnerList™ members) and use it to recommend you. Basically they can reciprocate and link you to their website.

If you would like to speak with one of our Support Specialists who can personally train you on how to use the PartnerList™ feature please reach out to us. It's a very powerful part of your TrueTour™ membership and we would love to help you get your PartnerList™ network up and running.


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