Integration means your TrueTour™ can be connected, like a web, to all of the potential places where your customers might find you. We want you to be where your customers are. They may not come to your website first, but they should be able to find you on all applicable search engines and directories, as well as social media pages.

Integration means you can control your TrueTour™ from your Visiting Media member dashboard - from one place - and it will be updated throughout the universe.

You can integrate your TrueTour™ onto other websites. TrueTour™ can be embedded on Facebook. TrueTour™ can be integrated onto any of your existing paid listings on marketing sites like or, or business association and chambers of commerce. 

Basically, you can integrate your TrueTour™ with any site where you have a profile page with space to display more than just basic contact information.

And it’s as easy to embed as a video.

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