There are a couple of key differences between our 360° photography.... and the Google Walking Tour.

We're just gonna come and say it: Ours is better... and here's why:

  1. TrueTour™ includes incredibly high definition interactive 360° photography. TrueTour's™ 360° photography can include hot-spots, interactive links, video content and any other forms of content displayed directly inside the 360° images. Google Walking Tours can't do that.

  2. Unlike all other 360° photography, TrueTour™ 360° platform is dynamic and communicates with the user's device ensuring the absolute highest quality viewing experience. Everything the user does inside TrueTour™ 360° content is tracked, providing deep usage analytics to the TrueTour™ member.  Google Walking Tours can't do that.

  3. TrueTour™ displays 360° photographs, not as a tour, but as a photo gallery. This allows users to quickly jump from location to location simply by clicking each 360° photograph's name. This ensures that users who do not know the space they are exploring can easily find what they are looking for without having to walk around inside a 360° tour. Google Walking Tours can't do that.

360° photographs inside a TrueTour™ can be displayed and viewed on any website, social profile or device.

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