Can I track how users experience my TrueTour™?

Yes! As you share your TrueTour™ with others, you can then login to your Visiting Media admin dashboard to see how they are using it. Not only can we track who is using a TrueTour™ but we can also track what content they use and how long they are viewing it. This helps you make decisions about what content seems to be the most effective and motivating your customers.

Will TrueTour™ increase traffic to my website?

Yes and no… If you use your TrueTour™ on various profile pages, you will notice traffic coming from your TrueTour™ in these locations to your website. You can even load pages from your website into your TrueTour™ and provide direct access from profiles across the internet to those pages… This will also increase traffic to your website. If you don't use your TrueTour™ you should not expect it to increase traffic to your website. So, using your TrueTour™ is essential!

Will TrueTour™ improve my search engine optimization?

Yes it can… TrueTour™ can include links to your website. As you use TrueTour™ throughout the internet, and with your customers, you are increasing the number of inbound links pointed to your business. Generally this improved search engine ranking.

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