We all have our favorite vendors and businesses we like to work with. TrueTour™‘s PartnerList™ feature makes it easy to recommend and be recommended. 

Simply add your favorite businesses onto your PartnerList™ via your member dashboard (PartnerList™ tab).  Now they appear inside your TrueTour™ and everywhere your TrueTour™ lives online. 

This feature works great as an interactive recommended vendor list or an ideal way to recommend local business to your customers using your TrueTour™ sales tool.

If one of your recommended businesses is using TrueTour™, by adding them to your PartnerList™ their TrueTour™ will automatically appear inside your TrueTour™ on the PartnerList™ page.  If you network with other TrueTour™ users be sure to ask them to add you to their PartnerList™!

Let the back scratching commence.

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