Virtual reality is the hot thing right now, and it happens to be just one of the many cool features that integrates seamlessly with TrueTour™. 

From any mobile device, here's how you can tranform any TrueTour™ 360° photos into a super cool virtual reality experience:

  1. Tap the VR Goggle icon in the lower right corner.

2. Rotate the phone to enter the split screen mode for the VR Viewer.

3. Place the phone into your VR viewer or... 

4. Tap the screen for options. The Monitor takes you out of VR mode and back to TrueTour™.

The Gear icon lets you select the type of VR Viewer you are using.

5. Once you found the VR Viewer, tap it to select it. 

6. Place your phone into the viewer, and enjoy your immersive TrueTour™ experience!

BONUS: Want a few inside tips on how to use virtual reality as a marketing tool? We have more than a few for you right here! 

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