1. Show off your little slice of heaven. Put your TrueTour® listed in the menu bar (“Virtual Tour”) at the top of your website and feature the aerial video on your home page above the fold.

  2. Use the TrueTour® on as many websites as possible to simplify how you deliver powerful content. Most Chambers and Associations should be able to include the TrueTour™. We’ll provide you with the simple code.

  3. Use your TrueTour® on all of your social media posts, i.e., For a Virtual Tour, text “business name” to 24587.

  4. Add the TrueTour® to your Facebook page (we’ll show you how) and post it once a month (when you have a substantial jump in the number of followers month over month).

  5. Use your TrueTour® on newsletters, in your email signature, on your business cards.

  6. Put the text to info on all of your receipts, print ads and materials. Text ”your business name” to 24587 to enjoy a virtual tour! Have your staff circle it when giving the receipt to customers.

  7. Refer/link to it when responding to people asking for information about your business through phone or email. AND when people are asking for recommendations (your referral list is on the TrueTour™).

  8. Send your TrueTour® to guests, club members and in shipments of products to customers. A great line for your staff to use when is, “Would you like to take a little bit of ”your business name” home today, what’s your cell phone number or email?”

  9. At events or on sales calls share the TrueTour® from your phone or tablet to show off your place and transfer information to customers.

  10. Ask Visiting Media to send you some branded virtual reality cardboard viewers… (I hear these are coming soon!) and give them away at events and at your business (You can also charge people for the glasses). Apply a sticker with your logo, text to info, your address and phone number.

  11. Bonus idea: Have a giveaway of the glasses as a promo tool when things are slow and post on the announcement on social media.

Want more ideas? Contact us and let's discuss it!

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