Viewing your 3D Tour in VR is an amazing way for customers to experience your space. It's a great tool for trade shows, meetings, even showing customers remotely. 

To use this feature, you or your customer will need to download the Matterport VR app, which you can find at either iTunes or Google Play:

Google Play

In TrueTour, press play button to open the 3D Tour (left) then tap the VR goggle icon in the lower right corner (right).

Select the kind of VR viewer you have. 

Then Matterport VR will launch, place your phone in to the VR viewer. 

Place the crosshairs over the blue icon in the middle, hold the crosshairs over it until the model has finished loading.

It will take a moment but you will then be placed in the 3D Tour.

To move, place the targeting circle on a blue dot, you will move that direction. 

Proclaim, "Ohhhhh, Ahhhhhh," and enjoy the view.

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